Random thoughts for a random Tuesday

So, Calgary gets the pumpkin spice latte one week earlier than the rest of Canada (and most of the world save for a few other cities!) Starting today. I just thought I’d brag about that momentarily. Also, I got to taste one last night, because I’m special. And don’t you forget it.

Hey, what do you guys think of this ad? It has local papers and the social media ‘verse all abuzz about its promotion of domestic violence. I don’t doubt that the advertisement is pushing boundries and hinting at the fact that the man smacked around the woman, but I’m not convinced that the picture is selling domestic violence so much as telling a story. I find it eerie and believable, but I don’t feel that it glamourizes beating up your wife. Thoughts?

Also today, Kittie’s new album is finally in stores! Here’s a teaser of their new video. It’s metal and gory and has zombies. I was going to post the full video, but it gets graphic. Please play at your own expense – you’ve been warned!


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