Minutes to midnight

I’m not going to lie. As a yet-to-be-published author, I’m starting to panic a little bit. A lot of things point to the fact that the publishing industry is, in the very least, changing. It has been my life-long dream to have a traditionally published novel – in hard copy, where I can flip open the cover and smell the pages and admire the layout design.

I’m starting to feel the pressure to get my book finished and out there before the entire collapse of the printed book. (Melodramatic, much? Shush.) Heck, even I have purchased an eReader, and I always swore that it would be a “when-hell-freezes-over” sort of situation. (Although, I must admit, I still haven’t used the darn thing much.)

eBook sales are going up, up, up and big chain stores such as Borders are closing down, down, down.

A friend of mine has suggested that traditional publishing will not die, but that the mass-marketed paperback (which sells for about the same price or more than an easy-to-download eBook) will. More special prints. Less opportunities for new authors.

What do you think – do you think the printed word is doomed? If so, what do you think would happen to all of that fantastic content if the digital world died?


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