It’s Friday! Before a long weekend! And although Rebecca Black said it first, Stephen Colbert says it best:

You’re welcome.

I got to work this morning to a present of buckwheat from my friend and colleague Leanne! (She’s also the awesome person who runs Healthful Pursuit. Some day I will branch out and find other blogs, but I love hers so much.) Anyway, how awesome is that?

Also on the awesome scale is the fact that starting now, I get an extra PDO – paid day off – a month! I had considered taking today off for an extra extra long weekend, but I think I would much prefer two long weekends in a month. Que diriez-vous?

Have a great long weekend, everyone!


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I make words pretty as my job and write pretty words as my hobby. Coffee is my best friend and I am currently performing a siege on my nemesis, the elliptical. I also take pictures - sometimes. View all posts by adknoss

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