Teh Vampires

I feel guilty.

Here I could be saving lives, but I don’t.

Do you try to save lives? I’m talking about donating blood. My office even occasionally brings in Canadian Blood Services and sets them up in the gymnasium (I just recently missed this. On purpose.) I really want to give blood, I do! It’s one of the most basic, simplest ways that you can make a difference. But the last time I did (four years ago, almost to the day) I ended up taking 1.5 days off sick, just because my body couldn’t handle it.

It doesn’t help that Canadian Blood Services (otherwise known in my house the “blood suckers”, “leeches”, “vampires” or any other appropriate parallel – Chris is scared of needles and also won’t be donating anytime soon) call me pretty much every other day now. They’re currently worse than telemarketers. It’s practically harassment, but can I really be upset by what they’re harassing me for? (Although, in perspective, if anyone else called you at this frequency, asking for the squishie red juices from inside of your body, it might be deemed rather creepy. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, I never pick up. I feel too guilty, and annoyed, to bother.

What do you think? Is it time to try again? Is it worth the impending sick days? Will you pay me for time off?

Do you give blood?


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