I recently switched my cell phone ringer from my usual “Sci-Fi” theme to a really eerie tone that was apparently on the Japanese horror movie, One Missed Call.

This back-fired on me last night, when my phone went off at 3:30am and scared the crap out of me. As an addition to being thrown from sleep by the creepy tune, not only was it an unknown number but it was an unknown number with a large amount of random digits (probably from a VOIP call.)

I had a heckuva time falling back to sleep, and kept thinking about the poster of the American remake of the movie:

Creepy, right?

I’m tired today. =.=


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I make words pretty as my job and write pretty words as my hobby. Coffee is my best friend and I am currently performing a siege on my nemesis, the elliptical. I also take pictures - sometimes. View all posts by adknoss

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