Sucker-punched? I wish…!

The movie Sucker Punch pisses me off.

I really, really enjoyed the film – the imagery is visually stunning and very inspiring. The premise holds a lot of promise and equal opportunity action and fantasy.

But… but… was that it?

Both times that I’ve watched this film I’ve felt unfulfilled. If Zach Snyder had some sort of philosophical moral or “uh-huh!” moment that he attempted to portray,  I just cannot grasp it. The narration at the beginning and the end attempts to provoke some sort of deeper meaning, but I really, really, just don’t get what that’s supposed to be.

The over-complicated dream within a dream scenario is something I can deal with if there’s some sort of meaning to it. Even if there’s not. But to have the film allude that there’s some sort of point to be taken away – and then turn out to be too vague to actually allow people to know what it is – is sooo frustrating…

Without giving anything away and hopefully without sounding too confusing, I’d like to say that I think Sucker Punch would be an all-around stronger film if the reality sequences were cut, leaving the top-level fantasy sequences the actual reality. What did a brothel have to do with being lobotomized in a mental institution, anyway? (Note – these are not spoilers, just stuff that’s instituted at the beginning of the film. It’ll make sense if you’ve seen it.)

If Baby Doll created her fantasy world to escape the real one, why would she create the need to escape the fantasy world as well?

Also, if the “sucker punch” of the film was merely who the actual survivors were, then that was pretty lame too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my twists – but that twist didn’t feel like a twist when everything else in the movie was twisted tighter than a Kansas tornado.

Was the entire film just an excuse to have hot girls compromised in vulnerable scenerios and running around in favourite gamer-geek action sequences? Was it all just a self-indulgent “man” movie, filled with sexism, guns and gung-ho action? Or is there an actual point?

Have you seen Sucker Punch? Please, please tell me what you thought of it! I’m searching for deeper meaning, because all of the effort and beauty of the film cannot be left behind without one!

P.S. I hate Jena Malone’s (Rocket’s) hair in this film. And also, if I’m being honest, Baby Doll’s bangs.


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