Returning with snow

Hello, world.

I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a long few weeks. There’s been some family tragedy and some professional uncertainty and some personal hardships to overcome all at once. But, what’s life without a little bit of black pepper in the spread? It can’t all be salt. Or sugar. (I don’t like pepper much and to be honest, I don’t suppose I like salt much either. Now you know.)

The positive outcome of everything is the inspiration I have been charged with. Between witnessing (and battling) loss and being in the presence of several creative individuals, I feel the incessant need to create right now. While I was away, I purchased my very first Moleskin (crazy, right?), started a new knitting project and took part in some seasonal festiveness. (Normally, I’m very much Miss. Christmas, but this year I’m finding it hard to get into the season.)

I just encountered a beautifully-written blog post by writer Sean Ferrell that I need to share. It’s your basic light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel advice, but so much more. I’d have to say that it is fitting for anyone out there who works within a creative field. Or, perhaps, anyone at all.

I hope that the awesomeness of December is treating everyone wonderfully! We have some beautiful snow and mild weather right now; one could not ask for more. I have a good chunk of my Christmas shopping finished – how is yours coming along?



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