Black and white and red all over

I find the subject of racism intriguing. No, really. How can one person look at another, and decide everything about them just by the colour of their skin? I like to think that racism is a lesser issue in Canada than it is in America, but perhaps that’s naïve.

It needs to be said that racism is not limited to a white person hating on someone else because of their race – it’s the discrimination of any race by any race. White on black. Black on Asian. Indian on Indian.

I feel like racism would lessen somewhat if we stopped defining ourselves with race. Isn’t defining oneself as a black person a label in itself?

I have noticed the trend in novels lately to defy the “is black/is white” norms by leaving the labels out altogether. Veronica Roth’s “Divergent,” for example, does not describe the protagonist’s friend Christina as a black girl, but rather “tall, with dark brown skin… Pretty.” She is a girl. With dark skin. They’re attributes, not a definition.

If a person wants to identify themselves with a culture, that’s completely different. Being Cantonese-Canadian is different than saying “he is Asian.”

I dunno. I’m mostly just rambling. Though I have to wonder – when will we stop being a bunch of races and become just a bunch of people?

On that note… have a Happy New Year, all! What are your New Year’s Eve plans? I will be Sing Star-ing at a house party with a new makeup look. Can’t wait!


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