Language is absolutely fascinating. I find it extremely interesting how words and syntax and all of that beautiful stuff has evolved over the years, and especially how different languages evolved from similar roots in similar ways.

My entire life I had thought that English was a “Latin-based” language, and only recently I discovered that I was wrong. Apparently, English is a Germanic-based language, and not a Latin one. Sentence structure is the most significant indicator of this, as well as the use of possessives and adverbs.

A comparison, from Wikipedia:

[W]e say: “John’s life insurance company” (cf. Dutch “Johns levensverzekeringsmaatschappij” [= leven (life) + verzekering (insurance) + maatschappij (company)] rather than “the company of insurance life of John”, cf. the French: la compagnie d’assurance-vie de John).

– with English and Dutch being Germanic, and French being Latin.


As I get to look over 13 different languages in my 9-5 job, I’ve found myself even more interested in language than before. I get to see side-by-side the similarities in like languages, and there is a sort of comfort in that. I had no idea that Spanish and Portuguese were so much alike!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February. January was a big month for me, despite being the longest month of the year. How did 01/12 treat everyone else?


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2 responses to “Syntax

  • Lise Roszell

    Hi Amanda. I always look forward to your articles. First of all congrats on your engagment. Another wedding among the neices & nephews. I think you are on the right track about you financial matters. You are both very level headed adults that again are on the right track. So keep up your death-fires articles & again love reading them. Luv Aunty Lise

    • adknoss

      Thanks for the lovely comment! I love comments. And thanks for the congrats! And for reading! I really appreciate it. I hope everything is well over there with you all!

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