Baby steps

Yesterday, I turned down an extremely good makeup deal.

No, I mean, a really awesome deal. Like, a very expensive palette from one of my favourite makeup brands was on sale at 55% off.

55% off! Do you know how awesome that is?


I have a sale addiction. And a makeup addiction. Put them together and it’s major, major trouble.

But ultimately I didn’t need that palette. I already own many of the same colours, and many of the accessories that came with. I only “needed” the palette because I would be “saving money…”

This is the reason that deal sites like Groupon and Beyond the Rack are extremely addicting for a large part of the population!

Admission: For the past year, I’ve been absolutely awful with my finances. For the first time in my adult life I have had a bit of freedom to spend – and might have let it get the best of me. But, I’m getting back on track. Now that I’m financially stable, the next step in being a true “adult” is saving for that shiny, white-picket future.


This means, no deal is worth the money unless you don’t already have it. (Words of wisdom for us all!) No spending on the credit card. Setting aside money for the things I want. Sticking to the budget.

I can do this, right?

I obviously am putting this out into the universe so that I am accountable for my words.

Much like the fact that I’m telling you right now: I WILL have my novel finished and ready for peer reading in March.

There it is. Kick my butt into action, please.

Because after all, I have a wedding to save up for/make time for!! ^.-

Have you ever gotten carried away on a good deal? What kind of deal was it?


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