THE story


So, as I not-so-subtlely hinted last week, I got engaged!

My fiance (FIANCE!!) popped the question Monday, January 30 after we’d been together for over six years. He did it in a way that was only suited for the two of us geeks – he ran out and bought me a new motherboard and CPU for my outdated PC, and hid the ring inside the box. Not only do I have a super-fast computer, but a shiny, shiny rock!


I had planned on posting this story yesterday (Valentine’s Day) but decided it was too cheesy. Also, does it feel like EVERYONE got engaged this V-Day? I’m kind of glad my engagement happened the month prior – so that my thunder was my own!

In my opinion, a wedding is the single opportunity to be as creative and elaborate as one wants (or can afford) to be, guilt-free. I can’t wait! I may have been a tom-boy as a child, still play best with the boys and would take sci-fi over chick flicks anyday, but even I have my girly side. Like most individuals lacking Y chromosomes, I have been planning my wedding since I was young!

You can expect a bit of wedding planning fiasco on this blog in the coming months. Hopefully, you can expect a bit more posting in general, as well!

Are you married or engaged? What is your engagement story? I love hearing them!



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