Family Day = Me Day

There are many things I love about a long weekend (obviously!) but the most important one has got to be the fact that I actually take a deep breath… and some ‘me’ time. On weeknights, and most  normal weekends, there just isn’t time to spend on myself. Sure, I take a few hours at the end of the night to unwind – watching television or playing a video game – but these are just mental distractions from the every-day life. On a long weekend, I actually get to be.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m trying to get my novel wrapped up by the end of the month. But the last thing I want to do after a full day of work is go home and work some more. Especially when things are feeling stressful. So this weekend I’m making it a priority – to get away from the distractions and the noisy fiance and spend hours at the coffee shop, polishing and writing.

One of the other expressions of myself that I rarely see during the week is Cook Amanda. After work and the commute and the errands, there’s never time to sit down and cook a good, inventive meal from scratch.

Yesterday, I experimented with zucchini – replicating a picture that I found on Pinterest (I couldn’t find the recipe,) I sliced up zucchini strips, topped them with tomato slices and seasoned with Herbamare, peppercorn, basil and garlic. With mozzarella on top, it was like the most amazing pizza without the carbs! And I didn’t even miss the crust.


We ate it with yak sausage. Yup, you heard that right. (Side note: I need to start using real cameras again.)

I will most likely cook up something again tonight – any suggestions out there for something with mostly veggies and protein? Unfortunately, I think my zucchini is used up.

Happy Family Day, all!


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I make words pretty as my job and write pretty words as my hobby. Coffee is my best friend and I am currently performing a siege on my nemesis, the elliptical. I also take pictures - sometimes. View all posts by adknoss

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