Bad habits and new ideas

I have a really awful habit. It’s because I’m addicted to the smell of crisp pages, to the look of bright, well-designed covers. It’s because I’m motivated by the mystery of what story is being told within, and because I am completely unmotivated within the confines of my own home.

I am addicted to buying books – and never reading them.

My father used to think that purchasing books was a waste of money. He never understood the value in spending money on something that you could borrow for free from your friends or from the library. His views are completely valid – besides supporting the author, what’s the point in having a whole bunch of books that you will only, in most cases, read once (or in my case, never read?)

Okay, I shouldn’t say that I’ll never read them. One of the most important parts of being a[/n aspiring] novelist is reading. You read what’s good, you read what’s bad. You read what works and you read what doesn’t. You learn from established professionals, and you try not to be too offended when you’re sure you could write better than this or that debut author. (Here’s a hint – all writers are egotistical to an extent. I’d argue that this can be said about any creative professional – photogs, designers, ect.)

Here’s a sampling of many of the books I own but have never read:

Lots of words by the average and the amazing that have yet to meet my eyes. (Sorry, John Green! I guess there are three of yours there!)

Another one of my book woes is the space. I am constantly purchasing new novels, but have virtually nowhere to put them. Currently, they are overloading my dresser and our shelving unit. There are also a whole bunch boxed up in our storage room somewhere. (Read: small bedroom jam-packed with two computer stations and a million boxes. It’s a disaster.)

(Yes, you’re looking at some bona-fide old Hardy Boys books there. I collect them. It’s odd.)

We do actually own a bookcase. Unfortunately, it houses a couple hundred or more DVDs. That we never watch. And don’t expand on anymore. Because as geeks, we’re far too swept up in the digital age to be bothered by hard copies anymore*!

(A little bit of daily cuteness – Ada popped by to see what I was doing with the camera and all that flashing.)

Anyway, so this is my plan: I am going to make a list of all of the DVDs I want to get rid of and sell them for $2-$3 each to my family and friends in order to make space for my books. Then, I’ll take that money and put it directly into our wedding fund! Every little bit counts, because we’re paying for everything ourselves. And I demand an Italian honeymoon. He knows about it, I swear.

What do you think? Do you think my plan will pay off, or will cataloging my movies be a waste of my time?

*I realize that this statement is ironic after writing a post about purchasing non-stop hard-copy books. I bought an eReader. I used it to read one book. And I still can’t stop purchasing paperbacks. I told you it was an addiction, alright? Besides… there is nothing – NOTHING – in the world like a book in you hand. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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6 responses to “Bad habits and new ideas

  • Cassie

    You should see my to-read pile next to my bed. I totally feel your pain. I like to call myself a book hoarder, simply because it’s the truth. My name is Cassie, and I have a problem.

  • Cassie

    PS. your cat is adorable. I love black cats with green eyes. Mine is gray, with tiger stripes but I’m such a cat lady.

    • adknoss

      Thanks! We also have another cat (my cat) that’s fluffy and white and grey and named Scully. I maintain that I am not a cat lady. >.> <..> Thanks for popping in!! Also – you had me at “books and bowel movements” – LOL!!

      • Cassie

        Haha thank you! I think I’m doomed to the fate of a cat lady since my main model of my blog is my cat. At least I only have one at the moment and not 14. Haha. 🙂

  • Carla.

    Um, Amanda, we need to have a talk about respecting the books. Get rid of the DVDs and shelve your books!… pretty, pretty books.

    P.s. I fully support the Italian honeymoon. If Chris kiboshes it, can I come? Would that be weird?

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