Communicating is not on auto-pilot

Slang is not just poorly-spelled jargon.

One of the most interesting things about working or being friends with individuals who speak English as a second language is that I find myself phrasing things differently. There are some people to whom I consciously phrase things in a particular way right off the bat, and others whom I might have to re-phrase to explain myself.

In an odd way, I think that even though I might be particularly natural at this because I’m a writer, it also strengthens my writing.

I’m reminded of another anecdote from a close friend of mine – she had used the term “auto-pilot” to a friend who did not understand what that meant. Rather than rephrasing, she went on to attempt to explain what an auto-pilot was and how that could relate to the actions of a person.

It’s incredibly important as a writer to be able to rephrase yourself. To clarify. To cut out any unnecessary coloaquialisms that may not transcend properly beyond your own brain. It’s one thing to be poetic and purposely abstract, but another to completely exclude potential readers from the message you’re trying to get across.

I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve gone about my writing career as I have – I studied basic English and literature (where I expanded on my creative side), then became a journalist graduate (where I learned to be as concise and short as possible) then fell into marketing writing, where both come into play.

I’m also hoping that all of this experience will make me a good novelist, as well.

Oh, and about that… things are finished. Almost done with critique readers. Almost ready to query. Eep!


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