A not-so Legacy?

So, I know you’ve been waiting to hear my thoughts on the Bourne Legacy.

I’ve been talking about it since I saw the preview back in February or March. What can go wrong with a fast-paced spy thriller?

The following is sort-of spoilerific.

I’m not going to go into too many details, except to say that I enjoyed it all the way until the end. (Except for the ending.) Though many reviewers (including my fiance) complained about the film being too slow for the first half, I was captured the whole way through. (Except for the ending!) There was even some wincing and unnecessary gripping of Chris’ arm during the final bike chase. Though I felt like Weisz’ character was meant to be a bit of a copy of Marie from the other films (right down to the edgy poor makeup) I actually loved the Renner/Weisz dynamic more than Damon/Potente.

But then the ending… seriously? I was completely thrown off-guard. I thought we had another half hour of movie to go. The bike chase was not climatic enough to be the “final boss” (as myself and my nerdy man call it) – it was more like a lead-up to something bigger. Plus, everything that was concluded in Ultimatum was reopened in Legacy… and left open. So when the final music started playing, my jaw dropped.

To be honest, I actually thought that this movie would have been better on its own. Many Bourne franchise fans are going to be disappointed by anything that had to do with the other films, and they introduced so many new elements to the series (like the chems, and the additional programs) that it honestly could have just been an entirely different movie.

Final thoughts? Worth the watch. Don’t expect much out of the ending. 6/10 for overall movie, but bonus points for an incredible leading man (so 7.5/10 on the Amanda Scale.)

This isn’t much of a review, but I used to pen movie editorials over at Matchflick.com. Check them out!


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2 responses to “A not-so Legacy?

  • Chris

    I never said it was too slow! I compared to being in a science class where you’re interested in whats going on but, deep down you’d rather be doing something fun and rewarding

  • beirutwedding

    I’m with you, Amanda. If anything, I thought the beginning was the best part. That whole situation with the other guy out in the woods, I thought that was the most tension I felt the entire film while they tried to figure each other out. Nowadays, we’re so addicted to constant action and noise that we forget what really makes suspense — story. I thought for the most part it was fun. The motorcycle chase was silly, with the bad guy acting like the Terminator. Sometimes — a lot of times — the stakes would be higher, the thrills more intense — if it felt like real people were actually putting their bodies on the line. There’s no respect in some of these movies. At least in the Avengers they’re freaking super-heroes. There are gamma rays or super soldier serums or full-on magic to explain why these guys can do things. But when in assassin training did Cross AND the bad guy learn how to coast down a stair bannister on a motorcycle? Annoying. And the ending — holy shit, did the screenwriter run out of ink? What the fuck was that? Now there’s no plot. Just a set up and…a sequel. I like Jeremy Renner a lot though. And Rachel Weisz has a strong bid in as this planet’s only perfect person. I can watch her all day every day. Rowrrrr.

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