Lost in Translation: a few thoughts

I watched LOST IN TRANSLATION again the other day.

It’s hard to describe why I like that movie so much. Many people don’t get it. That’s what they keep telling me. “I just don’t get it.”

Without further ado, a really poor mish-mash of why I believe I enjoy the film, or at least, why I think it’s poignant:

The characters have been careened into a foreign country only to end up frozen there.

They are trapped in a sort of suspended animation, brought on by the unfamiliarity of the space and the seemingly udderlessness of their lives. They’re caught together in loneliness and loss of direction, and in Tokyo they forge a friendship that would have been unlikely, if not impossible, in a familiar world. The older man/younger woman relationship has underlying currents of inexplicable empathy that same-age relationships sometimes lack, and displacement from the everyday is the catalyst. At their parting, at the break of this sidetrack in their lives, they leave better for meeting each other and move on to be in transition, not in stasis any longer.

The movie instills me with a lot of scattered emotion. I find it inspiring, and that it puts me in a mood, and that I always want to just write after. (Too bad I watched it late at night.)

And that, my friends, is that.


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