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Glitter and spring

It’s been a trying couple of weeks for myself and a few of my friends, but that was as long as I could bear to be away from writing and blogging and the gym and wedding stuff!

Last Sunday, I went to a low-key bridal fashion show with my sister and a couple of our friends. It was great – my sister came in from out of town. There was cake-testing, champagne-drinking and some inspirational table settings for us to view.

Though there weren’t a lot of dresses that I loved, it’s safe to say that I know almost exactly what I want in a dress (though I’m slightly worried about finding it within my budget!) I promised my mother that I wouldn’t step foot into a dress store (or into a dress) until she  was with me, so I made my sister try on a couple instead!

(I love the above post! I’m on the right.)

I feel like I have almost everything pegged down in my mind. But that’s a long ways away, and if you know anything about me, you know I have the tendancy to change my mind. A lot.

If you’re interested at all in what I like and am thinking about for a wedding, you can view me on Pinterest! Feel free to give feedback if you have an account (or ping me if you need one!)

P.S. Happy Spring!

What is your vision of the ideal wedding?