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August 1st: A picspam

August 1st! A day in which Amanda…

… forgot to call her father on his birthday 😦

celebrated her own birthday late with some friends


and a cupcake

(in which she promptly turned into a sandwich)

and music

and in which she found out that Walk of Fame starlet Scarlett Johansson is the same age as her, and decided that she hadn’t accomplished nearly enough in her life, and decided to practice her Avenger’s superhero face, because who’s life-long dream isn’t to be an Avenger (this year?)

She looks tough right? (And wow is her forehead really that big and shiny?)


Self-aware in season

When did this become my city?

As I sat on the bench, overlooking the river and the highway and downtown, I hoped to get a glimpse of the satellite that supposedly rained down on Okotoks last night. The coolness of the air and the sounds of the city traffic brought on a sort of disjointed nostalgia. I remembered life before bills and boyfriends and benches – a life of star-gazing and campfires. Of wheat chaff and bush congregations. Then of the way the city smelled and sounded at night in the first years I lived in one – crisp, new, thrilling.

I think it’s the time of year affecting my sensibilities as it always does. And yet I wonder – how did I get to the here and now? On this bench, peering over this river? When did Calgary become mine?

I saw no satellite, no glimmer of light crashing toward the earth. Instead I saw an intricate moment of time and being. What a great way to ring in autumn.