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Communication is change

This will not be news to those closest to me, but I am totally in love with social media. It is utterly fascinating. I don’t just mean in the keep-in-touch-with-people-you’re-better-off-forgetting sort of way, either. I find it enthralling that we have been granted the power of communication in a way that we have never seen before, and communication is very, very powerful.

Thanks to the internet and social media, we have worldwide news at our fingertips the very second we want it. We always have the most updated version of encyclopedias without spending a dime. (I remember when I thought that everything there was to know about the world was contained in those twenty-something brick-like volumes.) We have a global forum for all of our thoughts and ideas, from how awesome albino seals are to how ridiculously cool and frightening it is that we might have discovered a new planet with the ability to sustain human life.

But there’s something even more cool about social media than news and seals and space travel – social media affects lives.

It was social media that helped organize the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. It helped spread the word of a British Columbian three-year-old’s kidnapping faster than the speed of sound. It allows global reach for important causes, giving voice to millions who otherwise wouldn’t have one or who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered.

For my Canadian friends out there, if you haven’t already taken the time to, please read about and sign this petition that will help prevent the intrusion of our online privacy. Currently, the government is trying to pass a bill that will allow law officials to look into our internet usage without a warrant. It is likened to listening in on your personal phone calls. It is not okay.

Also, one of my favorite websites for helping to promote change worldwide is change.org . This online petitioning website has influenced the world from the top of the political sector all the way down to single individuals. Check it out, and check it out often. (Currently, I am passionate about reducing rape in Africa.)

This isn’t my first vocal declaration of admiration for and belief in social media, and it won’t be the last. Thank you for listening!

What are your favorite ways to use social media?