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lots of pictures – and food!

After a two-week stint with a very successful but decidedly unhealthy diet, I have come to terms with something that I have believed in all along. Gluten, soy, dairy, processed foods = (for the most part) bad. It’s been my long-standing belief that cancer is probably caused, in many cases, by the crap that we ingest. The healthiest that a person can possibly be is one that eats clean and pure foods, and exercises. (Please take this all with a grain of salt. This is my opinion.)

Lately, I’ve been inspired by an awesome holistic nutritionist and her amazing blog. I decided to take the plunge into eliminating most gluten and dairy from my diet, and started my weekend off with an expensive grocery haul:

(This is just a sampling of the new goods!)

Then, of course, I had some Opa’s for supper, which included a lovely salad, meat – and both dairy and gluten-type carbs. I said “eliminating most,” not all…

Anyway, I was so excited to try a new recipe that I spent the evening baking these freaking awesome Two-Bite Black Bean Fudge Cupcakes by Healthful Pursuit. It was my goal to finish them before Chris got in the house and make him try them before he realized that there was bean in them.

They’re delicious! I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t taste at all like beans (unlike the uncooked ‘dough!’)

I was far too lazy to use any of my mad icing skills, sorry!

Speaking of ingesting stuff, one of my absolute favourite “cheat” drinks right now is sugar-free Italian soda. I’ve made my own version, featuring soda water, vanilla extract and a couple of drops of Stevia:

It’s delish. And zero calories!

Note to all: Try not to get full-strength Stevia in your mouth. Capiche?

Chris and I are going camping today. I’m hoping to get in a nice hike, a decent chunk of a chapter of my novel written and a whole lot of star gazing – the meteor showers have started!

Have a fab weekend!

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