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Playlists and words

A little while ago  my youngest sister (not the one you met in my previous post) texted me to inquire about my favourite song. I was taken aback for a couple of reasons – firstly, because she never really said why and isn’t known to be much of a communicator, and secondly, because I do not have just one favourite song.

The question made me realize that I could probably list a top ten, and that most of my favourite songs also appear in my writing playlist.

One of the key components that inspires me while writing is music. Music can define a mood, lend a word and become an integral part of the process, especially when the coffee shop’s tunes are just way too loud/obnoxious/quiet/clashing with the book store’s music.

I figured that it was time to share my usual playlist with the world! Though it often switches up, the following is pretty much always there. Some will make you laugh, some may make you cringe but hopefully there are a few songs you’ll find inspiring as well. Complete with footnotes:

“Reclaimation” – Lamb of God*‡
“Set Apart This Dream” – Flyleaf†
“Broken Pieces” – Apocalyptica*†
“Sleepwalking” – Kittie*‡
“Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi*
“Incomplete” – Backstreet Boys*
“Siberia” – Backstreet Boys*
“In the Dark” – Flyleaf
“Treasure” – Flyleaf
“Circle” – Flyleaf
“Arise” – Flyleaf
“Night Comes Clean” – Soilwork‡
“Everything You Ever” – Dr. Horrible Soundtrack
“Genetic Emancipation” – Repo! Soundtrack
“One” – Apocalyptica*
“One Winged Angel” FFVII Advent Children Soundtrack
“The Melencholy Spirit” – Agalloch†‡
“Serenity Painted Death” – Opeth†‡
“Funeral Portrait” – Opeth‡
“My Heart is Broken” – Evanescence†
“Broken” Seether feat. Amy Lee*
“Lost in Paradise” – Evanescence
“Lost” – Within Temptation†
“Spellbound” – Stream of Passion†
“Your Star” – Evanescence

*Favourite song
† Artist is good for writing in general
‡ Not mother-approved

(I wish this close to the Backstreet Boys. You know you wish you were me.)


Glitter and spring

It’s been a trying couple of weeks for myself and a few of my friends, but that was as long as I could bear to be away from writing and blogging and the gym and wedding stuff!

Last Sunday, I went to a low-key bridal fashion show with my sister and a couple of our friends. It was great – my sister came in from out of town. There was cake-testing, champagne-drinking and some inspirational table settings for us to view.

Though there weren’t a lot of dresses that I loved, it’s safe to say that I know almost exactly what I want in a dress (though I’m slightly worried about finding it within my budget!) I promised my mother that I wouldn’t step foot into a dress store (or into a dress) until she  was with me, so I made my sister try on a couple instead!

(I love the above post! I’m on the right.)

I feel like I have almost everything pegged down in my mind. But that’s a long ways away, and if you know anything about me, you know I have the tendancy to change my mind. A lot.

If you’re interested at all in what I like and am thinking about for a wedding, you can view me on Pinterest! Feel free to give feedback if you have an account (or ping me if you need one!)

P.S. Happy Spring!

What is your vision of the ideal wedding?

The November (11) routine

So, obviously I’ve neglected to post about B.C. – again. Or anything else of any real consequence. I have been plugging through my novel, procrastinating by boosting my social life and spending way too much money at Sephora. (‘Tis the season?)

At the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady, I do have to admit that I’m pretty sure November is Scully’s favourite month. She has a special perch by my computer for this month only (I move over the cat tree) and gets a lot of extra attention while I’m brainstorming in front of the television.

I’m sorry, I just find this picture waaay too cute!

Just to add in a bit of TMI into your day: my sexy nasal infection has yet to go away, but that could have something to do with the fact that I forgot to take my nose spray for the duration that Chris was in Denver. Here’s to second-time’s-a-charm?

I’ve been hearing a lot about Christmas lately. (Duh. It’s November.) If you know anything about me, you know that I Loooooooooooooooove the holidays (with a capital “L”.) But I never, ever indulge in festivities (beyond the often caramel brulee latte, of course) until December 1st. Not only am I so caught up in Nanowrimo, but I’ve always preferred to condense all of the joy and wonderment in one little perfectly gift-wrapped box of a month. This includes (but is not limited to:) present shopping, listening to Christmas carols, holiday baking, singing Christmas carols and watching Love Actually, Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life about five gazillion times.

The only holiday-related thing I do complete in advance is discovering which sister or sister-adjacent person is on the gift list each year.

Have I mentioned that Chris is of the Scroogey-sort? He was far too enthusiastic about drawing his own name for the gift exchange.

(I obviously made him redraw.)

When do you usually start up your holiday traditions?

T minus 46 days

My flight is booked. That pretty much means that my plans are set in stone. Oui? So I thought I’d share my upcoming trip with you!

To accommodate one of our favorite months, my fabulous cousin Jen and I are heading to the West coast for just over a week in October. It’s going to be orange-and-red tinted awesomeness.

We’re visiting with our Washington-ite friend Lara and our really fantastic [paternal – for me] grandparents. We’ll be perusing the architecturally and naturally excellent areas of Vancouver, Washington and Vancouver Island. In less than seven weeks we will smell the salt of the ocean and the indescribable freshness of the forests.

(And if we catch a glimpse of a Supernatural location or two, that’ll be okay with me.)

I’m never going to want to leave.

Also, I’m going to be soo broke for the next month or so.

I can’t wait.