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T minus 46 days

My flight is booked. That pretty much means that my plans are set in stone. Oui? So I thought I’d share my upcoming trip with you!

To accommodate one of our favorite months, my fabulous cousin Jen and I are heading to the West coast for just over a week in October. It’s going to be orange-and-red tinted awesomeness.

We’re visiting with our Washington-ite friend Lara and our really fantastic [paternal – for me] grandparents. We’ll be perusing the architecturally and naturally excellent areas of Vancouver, Washington and Vancouver Island. In less than seven weeks we will smell the salt of the ocean and the indescribable freshness of the forests.

(And if we catch a glimpse of a Supernatural location or two, that’ll be okay with me.)

I’m never going to want to leave.

Also, I’m going to be soo broke for the next month or so.

I can’t wait.