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Ritually ruined

Wait, what? November in two weeks?

I usually don’t have a hard time remembering that Halloween and Nanowrimo come smacking me in the face hand-in-hand. But with the past couple of months flying by (seriously, is this because I turned twenty-eight? That is so unfair!) I find myself sort of… lost in time.

For example, by now I would have:

  • Decorated for Halloween at home (October 1st!)
  • Decorated for Halloween at work (first work day of October)
  • Picked out a Halloween costume
  • Watched at least three black-and-white horrors or Halloween movies (I’ve only seen one – Nosferatu!)
  • Plotted out points for the Nano novel
  • Attended or planned to attend at least one ghost walk and one cemetery tour

Now, I don’t even know if I’m nano-ing, Halloween-ing or even ghost walk-ing! And you know what? I’m kind of okay with that. Maybe, instead of making use of the season, I’ll just let the season do its thing on its own, and enjoy it along the way.

Then again, that could be the cold medicine talking…



I’ve lost a month of my life.

Hey there folks,

It’s been a while! Life has been fairly exciting for me. Besides fighting off the most diabolical of colds, I’ve had a swarm of houseguests, an abundance of birthday celebrations and a murder of out-of-town drives. (My sister has decided that every multiple is better designated as a “murder,” starting with murders of yarn. I am prone to agree.)

Seriously. Where has the past 1.5 months gone? You’ve got me. I can hardly tell you. But what I can tell you is this:

  • querying agents is less exciting than you’d think
  • temporary graffiti garners less attention with more people
  • your own city is far better experienced as a pretend tourist
  • the Asian market is still one of my favourite places to be, and
  • I have a wedding dress!

Plus, only two more weeks until BOO!

Not another update

So, I obviously fail at the blog thing lately. I could tell you that life got in the way, and whine a little with puppy-dog eyes, but we all know that life will always get in the way if we let it. Ya know?

What I will tell you, though, is what I’ve been up to lately. For Halloween, I celebrated with my friend Carla by watching Hocus Pocus – the ultimate Halloween movie of all-time. I watch it every year.

We ate lots of cookies (that I baked – oops, forgot to take pictures) and snack-sized chips. Unfortunately, we did not hand out candy – we both live in apartment buildings.

Then the next day was the start of Nanowrimo. “Nanawha?” National Novel Writing Month. I take part every year, and generally only “win” every other year. It’s basically a month dedicated to writing 50,000 words of a new project. I cheat and use its painful motivation to work on my novel. And just in case you’ve been wondering what it’s about, you can check out a quick synoposis (and eventually an excerpt) of my novel here.

Christopher is off to work in Denver again. I’m hoping that his work trips will not cut into holiday time! But, not all is bad – before he left, he gave me a present!

It’s not often that I get shiny things, so I had to include it in here.

What has everyone else been up to this month?