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Let the battle begin!

It’s finally arrived! It is Hunger Games day!

Today I am leaving work early to see the film with a few co-workers, and in my opinion there is no better way to kick off the weekend!

Recently one of my friends read the first book in the trilogy for the first time and admitted that she was underwhelmed by it. This is always a major risk when a piece of fiction – be it a movie, book or otherwise – is hyped by pop culture. But, to be honest, all of her reasons were completely valid and it reminded me of my initial thought when I first read The Hunger Games – how on earth did it become so popular?

First of all, it’s well-written. The pace is incredible, and although many would argue (especially Battle Royale fans,) it is a story that is finally original to the mainstream eye.

But Hunger Games is dark. It’s creepy. It’s dystopian and apocalyptic. Its protagonist is not someone you necessarily like – she is selfish and frustrating at best. Its ending is hardly more than dismal. All of these things are the types of elements that attract me, but that are rarely present in popular culture.

There is no ditzy, innocent, too-good female main. There is no overtly omg-I’m-so-in-love-with-you love story. In fact, this doesn’t come close to romance at all (another thing that I love!) The characters feel real, their relationships feel real. It’s a very different dynamic. (Please, folks all over, stop referring it to the “new Twilight.”)

I have to wonder how much Hollywood will gloss over the events in The Hunger Games. Depending on how I feel, I might end up sharing my thoughts about this with you soon!

What do you think the world loves so much about Hunger Games?