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Where the wild things are

Ah, the great outdoors. Ripe for hiking, breathing fresh air, eating junk out of a can and…


I have yet to drag Christopher outside to where he cannot fish. It’s my goal in life, I swear.


At least I got to try out my new point-and-shoot. Seems to be working pretty good so far. You’ll notice that the scenery changes a bit, but not the content! The Sony T99 also does panoramas in-camera:

On Saturday, we stayed overnight in Kananaskis. It was nearly impossible to find a spot so late in the weekend, but thankfully we did! There was no star gazing, though – the full moon completely washed out the sky. It was pretty, but I was disappointed. I love the stars.

I also love that random wildlife is not so random in the mountains.

These guys caused a traffic jam, with all of the crazy tourists pulling over to take pictures. Ah, those crazy picture-taking tourists…

What did you do over the weekend? Do you have any summer vacations planned for this last bit of the season?

P.S. I apologize for the picspam. Like I’ve mentioned, I like taking pictures! A lot.



I like cameras. They make pretty pictures. I almost always have a camera on me, and am incessantly using the Instagram app on my iPhone. When Chris accidentally ruined my point-and-shoot three months ago by dropping it into the river (plunk!) and then ran out to buy himself a new [waterproof] one, I doubted that I would be hard up. He promised to help pay for my SLR upgrade at a future date, and I have many other options to capture photos.

What we didn’t anticipate, however, was a clash of our interests. I may be very insistent on having a means to take a picture at all times, but Chris turned out to be very insistent on having a means to capture his captures at all times – meaning, the fish he pulls out of the Bow.

Needless to say, sharing was a failed option and I decided to have a point-and-shoot of my own.

After purchasing two separate models from two separate stores to try out, I returned the first and ended up with this little guy:

(Does anyone else find it ironic that I have five cameras and am taking a picture of my new one with an iPhone? No? Alright then.)

It’s quite similar to Christopher’s camera in size and style, although his is waterproof and has a floaty-thing strap to prevent past mistakes. I love the software and the touch screen, and though the pictures aren’t quite as lovely as Chris’ (and definitely not as lovely as anything out of my Diana or my SLR) it will do the trick for those nights that I don’t want to carry around anything bigger!

What do you think?