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I’ve lost a month of my life.

Hey there folks,

It’s been a while! Life has been fairly exciting for me. Besides fighting off the most diabolical of colds, I’ve had a swarm of houseguests, an abundance of birthday celebrations and a murder of out-of-town drives. (My sister has decided that every multiple is better designated as a “murder,” starting with murders of yarn. I am prone to agree.)

Seriously. Where has the past 1.5 months gone? You’ve got me. I can hardly tell you. But what I can tell you is this:

  • querying agents is less exciting than you’d think
  • temporary graffiti garners less attention with more people
  • your own city is far better experienced as a pretend tourist
  • the Asian market is still one of my favourite places to be, and
  • I have a wedding dress!

Plus, only two more weeks until BOO!


August 1st: A picspam

August 1st! A day in which Amanda…

… forgot to call her father on his birthday 😦

celebrated her own birthday late with some friends


and a cupcake

(in which she promptly turned into a sandwich)

and music

and in which she found out that Walk of Fame starlet Scarlett Johansson is the same age as her, and decided that she hadn’t accomplished nearly enough in her life, and decided to practice her Avenger’s superhero face, because who’s life-long dream isn’t to be an Avenger (this year?)

She looks tough right? (And wow is her forehead really that big and shiny?)

Playlists and words

A little while ago  my youngest sister (not the one you met in my previous post) texted me to inquire about my favourite song. I was taken aback for a couple of reasons – firstly, because she never really said why and isn’t known to be much of a communicator, and secondly, because I do not have just one favourite song.

The question made me realize that I could probably list a top ten, and that most of my favourite songs also appear in my writing playlist.

One of the key components that inspires me while writing is music. Music can define a mood, lend a word and become an integral part of the process, especially when the coffee shop’s tunes are just way too loud/obnoxious/quiet/clashing with the book store’s music.

I figured that it was time to share my usual playlist with the world! Though it often switches up, the following is pretty much always there. Some will make you laugh, some may make you cringe but hopefully there are a few songs you’ll find inspiring as well. Complete with footnotes:

“Reclaimation” – Lamb of God*‡
“Set Apart This Dream” – Flyleaf†
“Broken Pieces” – Apocalyptica*†
“Sleepwalking” – Kittie*‡
“Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi*
“Incomplete” – Backstreet Boys*
“Siberia” – Backstreet Boys*
“In the Dark” – Flyleaf
“Treasure” – Flyleaf
“Circle” – Flyleaf
“Arise” – Flyleaf
“Night Comes Clean” – Soilwork‡
“Everything You Ever” – Dr. Horrible Soundtrack
“Genetic Emancipation” – Repo! Soundtrack
“One” – Apocalyptica*
“One Winged Angel” FFVII Advent Children Soundtrack
“The Melencholy Spirit” – Agalloch†‡
“Serenity Painted Death” – Opeth†‡
“Funeral Portrait” – Opeth‡
“My Heart is Broken” – Evanescence†
“Broken” Seether feat. Amy Lee*
“Lost in Paradise” – Evanescence
“Lost” – Within Temptation†
“Spellbound” – Stream of Passion†
“Your Star” – Evanescence

*Favourite song
† Artist is good for writing in general
‡ Not mother-approved

(I wish this close to the Backstreet Boys. You know you wish you were me.)

Glitter and spring

It’s been a trying couple of weeks for myself and a few of my friends, but that was as long as I could bear to be away from writing and blogging and the gym and wedding stuff!

Last Sunday, I went to a low-key bridal fashion show with my sister and a couple of our friends. It was great – my sister came in from out of town. There was cake-testing, champagne-drinking and some inspirational table settings for us to view.

Though there weren’t a lot of dresses that I loved, it’s safe to say that I know almost exactly what I want in a dress (though I’m slightly worried about finding it within my budget!) I promised my mother that I wouldn’t step foot into a dress store (or into a dress) until she  was with me, so I made my sister try on a couple instead!

(I love the above post! I’m on the right.)

I feel like I have almost everything pegged down in my mind. But that’s a long ways away, and if you know anything about me, you know I have the tendancy to change my mind. A lot.

If you’re interested at all in what I like and am thinking about for a wedding, you can view me on Pinterest! Feel free to give feedback if you have an account (or ping me if you need one!)

P.S. Happy Spring!

What is your vision of the ideal wedding?

Work and more work

So, I did exactly as I promised over the weekend – I wrote, and wrote, and worked out, and cleaned. I don’t think I ended up cooking, except I found a bit of zucchini and made my ‘zucchini pizza’ again. If I did cook something else, I don’t remember! The weather was wonky and my head is severely affected by the pressure. (Excuses, I know.)

It’s been a very busy week for me. Every night I’ve been doing something – yoga, fitness classes, attending a play, socializing – but every day I have still found the time to do a few hours of work! It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it.

This is my typical workspace outside of the house – coffee, multiple pens, notebooks, my phone and everything but work on the screen. I frequent this particular Starbucks often – it used to be open the latest and being inside a book store, has a great view of, well, books. (Unfortunately, I discovered that the hours changed and they’re closed an hour earlier. Sad!)

So, I thought it was time to tease you with an excerpt. This is a piece in the early-middle of the book that I looked over last night. It’s still needs work, but here it is:

It was a good walk to the north before they came upon the west entrance to the city. By the time they had arrived, the rain was thinning, sprinkling their forms with the purples and blues of the sky.
There was something distinctly cold that was grasping at the air as Jay and the others filtered in through the stoic city gates. The shadows of the buildings seemed darker; the grooves of the elaborate engravings on the walls distinctly deeper.

A light fog had settled among the cobblestone streets; it was slight – just enough to scatter the sun- and moon-less light further into the air, enough to cast a layer of doubt dividing what one saw and what they thought they were seeing.

Jay noticed, through the blurried atmosphere, large and distinct shapes lining the streets. They were unnatural – obelisks in the middle of nowhere, giant claws reach for the sky. She didn’t recognize what the figures were from her previous walk through the city.

A sharp, sudden howl from her side startled Jay so much that she jumped. It was a mournful wail, and she was so confused as to what was going on that she thought they were under attack. But they were not, and it was Daberath. He was crying into the night, into the settling fog that obscured from sight what her mind now knew.

One of the figures was at her side suddenly – they had approached it without realizing it. The stir of the air from her moving figure brushed away the last of the mist from the form, and Jay saw him.

It was a man. This man was a statue, but what she knew in her heart and from the sorrow in Daberath’s voice and in the darkness in the air was that he was no ordinary statue.

What do you think? Are you enticed to finding out what’s going on? Or was the passage too obscure?

Perhaps after that treat you’ll forgive me for this admission: I don’t think I’m going to have the entire draft finished by the end of the month. Not for lack of trying, I assure you – it has just turned out to be more work than I anticipated. Which was naive of me, of course. Really, things would go so much better if my notebook had a CTRL-F function!!

Writing is hard. Editing is harder.

Feel free to ask me anything about the project or my process… it’s so close to being ready for peer review! I think I will post a summary of the novel soon.

And, just to prove that I do sometimes go home, I thought I’d include this picture of Scully and a headless Christopher:

Isn’t she a big ball of fluff? And this is skinny Scully, I dare admit!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Please leave me feedback in the comments!

Catching up on August 29

Hello there! It’s been a little bit. I’d like to say I’ve been super busy this past week, but really, that would be a lie. At least, by the looks of my apartment (pictures not forthcoming,) it has to be a lie.

Chris and I are making a constant effort to cook much more at home, and I am continuing my effort to make our meals not only healthy, but wholesome. On Thursday it was homemade coleslaw with bean mayo and barbequed chicken breast with a coconut flour breading:

And homemade non-dairy blackberry chocolate icecream for dessert!

Then on Friday night Chris was gone, so I made a mean pumpkin pie quinoa bake for my supper. I was a little impatient in the last step and dried it out a bit – now I’ve been adding almond milk and heating it up every day for porridge!

Are you sick of hearing about food yet? I’m not – it’s fascinating.

Yesterday was Chris’ birthday, and we did what we do best – fishing. (He got skunked on his birthday – boo!) I got a few words pegged down but have been finding myself rather unmotivated lately. I’m not sure why. I did very much enjoy the irony of my goldfish crackers floating away on the water whilst we said goodbye to the lake:

If you have any inspiring words, please send them my way.

Lastly – a kitten!

Where the wild things are

Ah, the great outdoors. Ripe for hiking, breathing fresh air, eating junk out of a can and…


I have yet to drag Christopher outside to where he cannot fish. It’s my goal in life, I swear.


At least I got to try out my new point-and-shoot. Seems to be working pretty good so far. You’ll notice that the scenery changes a bit, but not the content! The Sony T99 also does panoramas in-camera:

On Saturday, we stayed overnight in Kananaskis. It was nearly impossible to find a spot so late in the weekend, but thankfully we did! There was no star gazing, though – the full moon completely washed out the sky. It was pretty, but I was disappointed. I love the stars.

I also love that random wildlife is not so random in the mountains.

These guys caused a traffic jam, with all of the crazy tourists pulling over to take pictures. Ah, those crazy picture-taking tourists…

What did you do over the weekend? Do you have any summer vacations planned for this last bit of the season?

P.S. I apologize for the picspam. Like I’ve mentioned, I like taking pictures! A lot.