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Butter chicken of DOOM

As of this weekend, I don’t think I can enjoy Indian food or nuts any longer, as they were the last two things I ate before my stomach violently betrayed me. Reversely, I discovered a new addiction for ginger ale – the home remedy was the only thing that could make my stomach feel better and now I crave it often.

Ah, the flu.

At least by Sunday I was feeling better. And extremely motivated. I did three loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, burned myself on the oven twice, made supper and dessert, worked out, knitted and did my nails.

I’m not sure if I love them, but they’re different. And to me, different is usually good. Also, don’t discriminate. I’m crap at doing my nails.

If that weren’t enough, I also caught up on the rest of last season’s NCIS, just in time for it to start again Tuesday.


I woke up today noticing that my eye had a bunch of burst blood vessels. In case you missed my Facebook, here it is:

I’m sorry. Eyeballs are coool. Someone suggested that it was most likely due to being ill, repeatedly, into the toilet. I can’t think of any other reason as to why it’s there.

Today I enjoyed my first PDO by going on a 17th Avenue date with Chris. Poutine, gourmet donuts and light shopping. After, we went out separate ways – he fished, of course, and I read and enjoyed yet another pumpkin spice latte.

Thinking about getting up early to work it all off tomorrow! *snort* I’ll believe it when I see it.

Having a heckuva time being motivated to write. It’s been probably three weeks now. Any words of wisdom or threats of bodily harm to help get me going again would be greatly appreciated. My self-imposed deadlines are seeming more and more impossible by the day.

This has gone on far too long. Tell me about your weekend!



It’s Friday! Before a long weekend! And although Rebecca Black said it first, Stephen Colbert says it best:

You’re welcome.

I got to work this morning to a present of buckwheat from my friend and colleague Leanne! (She’s also the awesome person who runs Healthful Pursuit. Some day I will branch out and find other blogs, but I love hers so much.) Anyway, how awesome is that?

Also on the awesome scale is the fact that starting now, I get an extra PDO – paid day off – a month! I had considered taking today off for an extra extra long weekend, but I think I would much prefer two long weekends in a month. Que diriez-vous?

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

Catching up on August 29

Hello there! It’s been a little bit. I’d like to say I’ve been super busy this past week, but really, that would be a lie. At least, by the looks of my apartment (pictures not forthcoming,) it has to be a lie.

Chris and I are making a constant effort to cook much more at home, and I am continuing my effort to make our meals not only healthy, but wholesome. On Thursday it was homemade coleslaw with bean mayo and barbequed chicken breast with a coconut flour breading:

And homemade non-dairy blackberry chocolate icecream for dessert!

Then on Friday night Chris was gone, so I made a mean pumpkin pie quinoa bake for my supper. I was a little impatient in the last step and dried it out a bit – now I’ve been adding almond milk and heating it up every day for porridge!

Are you sick of hearing about food yet? I’m not – it’s fascinating.

Yesterday was Chris’ birthday, and we did what we do best – fishing. (He got skunked on his birthday – boo!) I got a few words pegged down but have been finding myself rather unmotivated lately. I’m not sure why. I did very much enjoy the irony of my goldfish crackers floating away on the water whilst we said goodbye to the lake:

If you have any inspiring words, please send them my way.

Lastly – a kitten!

Where the wild things are

Ah, the great outdoors. Ripe for hiking, breathing fresh air, eating junk out of a can and…


I have yet to drag Christopher outside to where he cannot fish. It’s my goal in life, I swear.


At least I got to try out my new point-and-shoot. Seems to be working pretty good so far. You’ll notice that the scenery changes a bit, but not the content! The Sony T99 also does panoramas in-camera:

On Saturday, we stayed overnight in Kananaskis. It was nearly impossible to find a spot so late in the weekend, but thankfully we did! There was no star gazing, though – the full moon completely washed out the sky. It was pretty, but I was disappointed. I love the stars.

I also love that random wildlife is not so random in the mountains.

These guys caused a traffic jam, with all of the crazy tourists pulling over to take pictures. Ah, those crazy picture-taking tourists…

What did you do over the weekend? Do you have any summer vacations planned for this last bit of the season?

P.S. I apologize for the picspam. Like I’ve mentioned, I like taking pictures! A lot.

On cometh the seasons of death

I woke up this morning suddenly very concerned about how I don’t have the beanies and toques knitted that I wanted to wear this fall. As I traipsed (okay, I’m lying… it was more like stumbled) into the morning air, I could swear that it smelled like autumn.

I love autumn. I love it, I love it, I love it. The older I get, the more I adore it – the way it smells, the way it looks, the inexplicable feeling of peace that it instills in me. Fall means golden leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween, which still attracts the most creative and intrigued side of me.

It’s August 8th, and autumn is so close I can taste it! (Side note: a friend of mine laughed at me when I told her about my love for fall and winter. She said I loved the “seasons of death,” ergo my post title.)

On a more summery note, I promise that I’m taking advantage of the sun as much as I can. I’ve never loved the sun as much as I do now – in fact, I used to hide from it as a child. I’m often at the beach or on the water with Chris (though this weekend I spent most of my time shopping with my friend Carla:)

(She is blurred for anonymity of course – not because my iPhone is a bad camera. Honest.)

We also came across a closed and arguably “dead” store front that was littered with creepy headless child mannequins. I felt the need to share this excellence with you:

Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! Drop me a comment so that I know who’s stopping by.